Mark 1:28

And immediately his fame spread abroad throughout all the region round about Galilee.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
City of God, 21: Moreover, how great is the power which the lowliness of God, appearing in the form of a servant, has over the pride of devils, the devils themselves know so well, that they express it to the same Lord clothed in the weakness of flesh. For there follows, “And he cried out, saying, What have we to do we Thee, Jesus of Nazareth "For it is evident in these words that there was in them knowledge, but there was not charity; and the reason was, that they feared their punishment from Him, and loved not the righteousness in Him. For He was known to them in that degree in which He wished to be known; and He wished as much as was fitting. He was not known to them as to the holy Angels, who enjoy Him by partaking of His eternity according as He is the Word of God; but as He was tobe made known in terror, to those beings from whose tyrannical power He was about to free the predestinate. He was known therefore to the devils, notin that He is eternal Life, but by some temporal effec...


AD 735
In Marc., 1, 7: Since by the envy of the devil death first entered into the world, it was right that the medicine of healing should first work against the author of death; and therefore it is said, “And there was in their synagogue a man”. For the devils, seeing the Lord on the earth, thought that they were immediately to be judged. ...

Glossa Ordinaria

AD 1480
For those things which men wonder at they soon divulge, for “out of the abundance of the heart the mouthspeaketh.”


AD 420
Moreover, Capernaum is mystically interpreted the town of consolation, and the sabbath as rest. The man with an evil spirit is healed by rest and consolation, that the place and time may agree with his healing. This man with an unclean spirit is the human race, in which uncleanness reigned from Adam to Moses; Israel go, pursues Israel; the devil, when despised, rises up to create scandals. ...

John Chrysostom

AD 407
Vict. Ant.e Cat. in Marc.: The word, Spirit, is applied to an Angel, the air, the soul, and even the Holy Spirit. Lest therefore by the sameness of the name we should fall into error, he adds, “unclean.” And he is called unclean on account of his impiousness and far removal from God, and because he employs himself in all unclean and wicked works. Vict. Ant.e Cat. in Marc.: As if he said, Methinks that Thou art come; for he had not afirm and certain knowledge of the coming of God. But he calls Him “holy” not as one of many, for every prophet was also holy, but he proclaims that the was the One holy; by the article in Greek he shows Him to be the One, but by his fear he shows Him to be Lord of all. Vict. Ant.e Cat. in Marc.: Further, the Truth did not wish to have the witness of uncleanspirits.Wherefore there follows, “And Jesus threatened him, saying "Whence a healthful precept is given to us; let us not believe devils, howsoever they may proclaim the truth. It goes on, “And the unclean...

Theophylact of Ochrid

AD 1107
For to come out of man the devil considers as his own perdition; for devils are ruthless, thinking that they suffer some evil, so long as they are not troubling men. There follows, “I know that Thou art the Holy One of God.”. That they might know, when they saw it, from how great an evil the man was freed, and on account of the miracle might believe. Wherefore there follows, “And they allwondered”For miracles were done that they might more firmly believe the Gospel of the kingdom of God, which was being preached, since those who were promising heavenly joys to men on earth, were shewingforth heavenly things and divine works even on earth. For before (as the Evangelist says) “He was teaching them as one who had power,” and now, as the crowd witnesses, “with power He commands the evil spirits, and they obey Him. "It goes on, “And immediately His fame spread abroad” ...

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