John 7:51

Does our law judge any man, before it hears him, and knows what he does?
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John Chrysostom

AD 407
He shows that they neither know the Law, nor do the Law; for if that Law commands to kill no man without first hearing him, and they before hearing were eager for this deed, they were transgressors of the Law. And because they said, None of the rulers has believed on him John 7:50, therefore the Evangelist informs us that Nicodemus was one of them, to show that even rulers believed on Him; for although they showed not yet fitting boldness, still they were becoming attached to Christ. Observe how cautiously he rebukes them; he said not, You desire to kill him, and condemn the man for a deceiver without proof; but spoke in a milder way, hindering their excessive violence, and their inconsiderate and murderous disposition. Wherefore he turns his discourse to the Law, saying, Except it hear him carefully, and know what he does. So that not a bare hearing, but careful hearing is required. For the meaning of, know what he does, is, what he intends, on what account, for what purpose, whether for the subversion of the order of things and as an enemy. Being therefore perplexed, because they had said, None of the rulers has believed on him, they addressed him, neither vehemently, nor yet with forbearance. For tell me, after he had said, The Law judges no man, how does it follow that they should say,

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