John 18:2

And Judas also, who betrayed him, knew the place: for Jesus often met there with his disciples.
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John Chrysostom

AD 407
He journeys at midnight, and crosses a river, and hastes to come to a place known to the traitor, lessening the labor to those who plotted against Him, and freeing them from all trouble; and shows to the disciples that He came willingly to the action, (a thing which was most of all sufficient to comfort them,) and places Himself in the garden as in a prison. These things spoke Jesus unto them. What do you say? Surely He was speaking with the Father, surely He was praying. Why then do you not say that, 'having ceased from the prayer,' He came there? Because it was not prayer, but a speech made on account of the disciples. And the disciples entered into the garden. He had so freed them from fear that they no longer resisted, but entered with Him into the garden. But how came Judas there, or whence had he gained his information when he came? It is evident from this circumstance, that Jesus generally passed the night out of doors. For had He been in the habit of spending it at home, Judas would not have come to the desert, but to the house, expecting there to find Him asleep. And lest, hearing of a garden, you should think that Jesus hid Himself, it adds, that Judas knew the place; and not simply so, but that He often resorted there with His disciples. For ofttimes He was with them apart, conversing on necessary matters, and such as it was not permitted to others to hear. And He did this especially in mountains and gardens, seeking a place free from disturbance, that their attention might not be distracted from listening.

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