Luke 8:43

And a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, who had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any,
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Ephrem The Syrian

AD 373
Glory to you, hidden offspring of Being, because the hidden suffering of her that was afflicted proclaimed your healing. Using a woman whom they could see, he enabled them to see the divinity that cannot be seen. The Son’s divinity became known through his healing, and the afflicted woman’s faith was revealed through her being healed. She caused him to be proclaimed, and she was proclaimed with him. Truth was being proclaimed together with its heralds. If she was a witness to his divinity, he in turn was a witness to her faith. She poured faith on him by way of reward, and he bestowed healing on her as the outcome of her reward. Since the woman’s faith had become public, her healing also was proclaimed in public. The physicians were put to shame about their remedies because his power became resplendent and magnified the Son. It became evident how great faith surpasses the healing art and how hidden power surpasses visible remedies. Commentary on Tatian’s Diatessaron–.
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