Matthew 21:22

And all things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.
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AD 420
Hence it is to be understood that the Lord was in so great poverty, and so far from having courted any one, that He had found in all that city neither entertainer, nor abode, but He made His home in a little village, in the house of Lazarus and his sisters; for their village was Bethany; and it follows, “and He lodged there.”. When the shades of night were dispersed, and He was returning to the city, the Lord was an hungred, thus shewing the reality of His human body. The Lord about to suffer among the nations, and to take upon Him the offence of the Cross, sought to strengthen the minds of His disciples by a previous miracle; whence it follows, “And seeing a fig-tree by the wayside, He came toit, and found nothing thereon but leaves only.”. “For ever,” (in sempiternum,) or, “To the end of the world,” (in saeculum,) forthe Greek word, , signifies both. The Gentile dogs bark against us, affirming that the Apostles had not faith, because they were not able to remove mountains. To whom we answer, that many wonders were done by the Lord which are not written; and therefore we believe the Apostles to have done some not written, and that they were therefore not written, that the unbelieving might not have in them larger room for cavilling. For let us ask them, do they believe the miracles which are written, or do they not! And when they look incredulous, wecan then establish that they who believe not the lesser would not have believed the greater. The tree which He saw by the wayside we understand as the synagogue, which was nigh to the way inasmuch as it had the Law, but yet believed not on the way, that is, on Christ.
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