Matthew 1:3

And Judah begat Perez and Zerah of Tamar; and Perez begat Hezron and Hezron begat Ram;
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John Chrysostom

AD 407
Besides this, it shows that all are equally liable to sin; for here is Thamar accusing Judah of incest, and David begat Solomon with a woman with whom he had committed adultery. But if the Law was not fulfilled by these great ones, neither could it be by their less great posterity, and so all have sinned, and the presence of Christ is become necessary. By Zarah is denoted the people of the Jews, which first appeared in the light of faith, coming out of the dark womb of the world, and was therefore marked with the scarlet thread of the circumciser, for all supposed that they were tobe God’s people; but the Law was set before their face as it had been a wall or hedge. Thus the Jews were hindered by the Law, but in the times of Christ's coming the hedge of the Law was broken down that was between Jews and Gentiles, as the Apostle speaks, “Breaking down the middle wall of partition;” and thus it fell out that the Gentiles, who were signified by Phares, as soonas the Law was broken through by Christ’s commandments, first entered into the faith, and after followed the Jews. But as we believe that the names of these Fathers were given for some special reason under the providence of God, it follows, but “Naas son begat Salmon. "This Salmon after his father’s death entered the promised land with Joshua as prince of the tribe of Judah. He took a wife of the name of Rahab. This Rahabis said to have been that Rahab the harlot of Jericho who entertained the spies of the children of Israel, and hid them safely. For Salmon being noble among the children of Israel, inasmuch as he was of the tribe of Judah, and son of the prince thereof, beheld Rahab so ennobled through her great faith, that she was worthy whom he should take to wife. Salmon is interpreted ‘receive avessel,’ perhaps as if invited in God’s providence by his very name to receive Rahab avessel of election. How Booz took to wife a Moabitess whose name was Ruth, I thought it needless totell, seeing the Scripture concerning them is open to all. We need but say thus much, that Ruth married Booz for the reward of her faith, for that she had castoff the gods of her forefathers, and had chosen the living God. And Boo received her to wife for reward of his faith, that from such sanctified wedlock might be descended a kingly race. They who look to wealth and not temper, to beauty and not faith, and require ina wife such endowments as are required in harlots, will not beget sons obedient to their parents or to God, but rebellious to both; that their children may be punishment of their ungodly wedlock. Obeth begat Jesse, that is, ‘refreshment, 'for whoever is subject to God and his parents, begets such children as prove his ‘refreshment.’
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