Acts 2:34

For David is not ascended into the heavens: but he said himself, The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit on my right hand,
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Hippolytus of Rome

AD 235
And at Pentecost so as to presignify the kingdom of heaven as He Himself first ascended to heaven and brought man as a gift to God.


AD 420
The Lord said to my Lord: The Savior has revealed the meaning of these words in the Gospel when He asked: 'If the Christ is the Son of David, how then does David in the Spirit call him Lord? (Mt. 22:43)' The Lord was interrogating the Pharisees because they were acknowledging Christ simply as the son of David. CHRYS Now if He be David's Lord, much more shall they not disdain Him.

John Chrysostom

AD 407
The Lord said to my Lord: Now if He be David's Lord, much more shall they not disdain Him.

Thomas Aquinas

AD 1274
But what He says, namely, sit at my right hand, can be referred to the divine nature in which Christ is equal to the Father, because He has judiciary and royal power equal to the Father: ‘All that the Father has are mine’ (Jn. 16:15). Indeed, the Father Himself said this from eternity, because He engendered the Son by speaking, and by engendering gave Him equality with the Father. It can also be referred to the human nature, according to which He sits near the transcendent goods of the Father. In this case the Father spoke, when He joined His Word to a human nature. But why does he say, footstool? Perhaps because that word signifies nothing more than full and perfect subjection, for that is said to be perfectly subject to someone which he can tread under foot; or because just as God is the head of Christ, as it says in 1 Cor. (11:3), so Christ’s feet would be His humanity: ‘We shall adore in the place where his feet stood’ (Ps. 131:7). I will make them your footstool, i.e., not only wi...

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