Acts 10:29

Therefore I came unto you without questioning as soon as I was sent for: I ask therefore for what intent you have sent for me?
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John Chrysostom

AD 407
Wherefore also— that they may not think the affair a breach of the law on his part, nor (Cornelius) suppose that because he was in a station of command therfore he had complied, but that they may ascribe all to God—wherefore also I came without gainsaying as soon as I was sent for: (though) not only to keep company, but even to come unto (him) was not permitted. I ask therefore, for what intent you have sent for me. Already Peter had heard the whole matter from the soldiers also, but he wishes them first to confess, and to make them amenable to the Faith. What then does Cornelius? He does not say, Why, did not the soldiers tell you? But observe again, how humbly he speaks. For he says, From the fourth day I was fasting until this hour; and at the ninth hour I prayed in my house, and, behold, a man stood before me in bright clothing, and said, Cornelius, your prayer is heard, and your alms have come up for a memorial before God. And at the ninth hour, he says, I was praying. (v. 30, 31.) It seems to me, that this man had also fixed for himself set times of a life under stricter rule, and on certain days. For this is why he he says, From the fourth day. See how great a thing prayer is! When he advanced in piety, then the Angel appears to him. From the fourth day: i.e. of the week; not four days ago. For, on the morrow Peter went away with them, and on the morrow after they entered into Cæsarea: this is one day: and the day on which the persons sent came (to Joppa) one day: and on the third (the Angel) appeared: so that there are two days after that on which (Cornelius) had been praying. And, behold, a man stood before me in bright clothing: he does not say, an Angel, so unassuming is he: and said, Cornelius, your prayer is heard, and your alms are had in remembrance in the sight of God. Send therefore to Joppa, and call hither Simon, whose surname is Peter: he is lodged in the house of one Simon a tanner by the seaside: who, when he comes, shall speak unto you. Immediately therefore I sent to you; and you have well done that you have come. Now therefore are we all here present before God, to hear all things that are commanded you of God.

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