Wisdom of Sirach 18:7

When a man has done, then he begins; and when he leaves off, then he shall be doubtful.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
The language of the divine hymn is, "Seek God, and your soul shall live." Let us search for that which needs to be discovered, and into that which has been discovered. He whom we need to discover is concealed, in order to be sought after; and when found, is infinite, in order still to be the object of our search. Therefore it is said in another place, "Seek his face always." For even as he satisfies the seeker to the utmost of his capacity, he makes the finder still more capable so that he may seek to be newly filled according to the growth of his ability to receive. Therefore it was not said, "Seek his face always," in the same sense as of certain others, who are "always learning and never coming to a knowledge of the truth." Rather, as the preacher says, "When a person has finished, then he begins," till we reach that life where we shall be so filled that our natures shall attain their utmost capacity because we shall have arrived at perfection and will no longer be aiming at more. For then all that can satisfy us will be revealed to our eyes. But here let us always be seeking, and let our reward in finding put no end to our searching. For we do not say that it will not be so always, because it is only so here. Rather, here we say we must always be seeking, lest at any time we should imagine that here we can ever cease from seeking. - "Tractates on the Gospel of John 63.1"

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