Wisdom of Sirach 18:20

Before judgment examine yourself, and in the day of visitation you shall find mercy.
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Fulgentius of Ruspe

AD 533
Therefore, the blessed hope, the sure expectation, the future happiness is for those who, having rejected the secular ungodliness and desires, have lived soberly and with justice and piety in this world. Therefore, sobriety, justice and piety must be very carefully guarded by Christians. The one who guards his sobriety harmonizes his customs with his life. The one who lives with justice does not bring evil on his neighbor and, in so far as he can, offers aid with good works. The one who lives with piety neither believes or says anything perverse in regard to God. Whoever, therefore, wants to reach the kingdom of heaven must live soberly, practice justice with his neighbor and persevere in piety toward God. These virtues then will be of help in the future life if they are a reality in the life of this present world. This in fact is what the blessed apostle knew and taught when he ordered us "to live soberly and with justice and piety in this world," teaching that those who before the judgment have led a just life in this world will receive mercy in the judgment. Therefore divine Scripture warns us in the book of Ecclesiasticus, "Procure justice before the judgment, and you will find propitiation in the presence of God." Therefore, anyone who wants to find propitiation in the presence of God must prepare justice for himself here. In fact, whatever one has not begun to procure in the present world, he will not have at the time of future retribution. - "On the Forgiveness of Sins 1.28.2–29"

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