Romans 1:12

That is, that I may be comforted together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me.
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AD 400
Paul says that he will be comforted with them insofar as they come to understand spiritual things. Even while he may rejoice in their faith, he nevertheless grieves insofar as they have not received the faith rightly. The apostle was the type to grieve for the faults of others as if they were his own. “And we are comforted by this,” he says, “by one and the same faith.” In this way the act of comforting is seamless. For it is by the unity of faith that they are brought to maturity in Christ. By this means the ministry of spiritual grace is given through the apostle’s preaching of the gospel and produces its own fruit. Commentary on Paul’s Epistles. ...

Gennadius of Constantinople

AD 471
Paul says this for fear of tripping up his hearers, who might not have known what to say to the prospect of sharing in some spiritual gift. For what could have been lacking in the teaching of Peter? Paul might be accused of criticizing Peter’s teaching … of thinking that he was a greater apostle than Peter, of claiming to be on closer terms with Christ and more beloved by Christ than Peter was. Fearing attacks of this kind, Paul first of all sets out the purpose of his coming, thereby sufficiently refuting the charge of presumption. Then he goes on to say not that he is giving them something but that he is going to share something with them, which is quite different…. Paul reassures them that he has no intention of preaching anything new to them but that he intends to confirm them in what they have already received from Peter. . ...

John Chrysostom

AD 407
As if he said, Do not suspect that I spoke to accuse you. It was not with this feeling that I said what I did. But what may it be that I wished to say? You are undergoing many tribulations, being drenched on every side (by those who persecute you περιαντλούμενοι . 3 manuscripts παρενοχλούμενοι, harassed). I desired then to see you, that I might comfort you, or rather, not that I might comfort you only, but that I might myself receive comfort. See the wisdom of the teacher. He said, to the end that ye may be strengthened; he knew that what he had said would be heavy and irksome to the disciples. He says, to the end that you may be comforted. But this again is heavy, not indeed to such a degree as the former, still it is heavy. He then pares down what is galling in this also, smoothing his speech on every side, and rendering it easy of acceptance. For he does not say barely, to be comforted, but, to be comforted together with you; nor was he content with this but he puts in a further len...

John Chrysostom

AD 407
The Romans were undergoing many tribulations. Paul wanted to see them in order to comfort them and also to be comforted by them…. What humility he had! He showed them that he needed them as much as they needed him. By doing this, he put learners in the position of teachers, not claiming any superiority for himself but pointing out that they were fully equal to him. Now if anyone should say that Paul’s comfort was his gladness at the increase of the Romans’ faith and that Paul needed this, he would not be mistaken. ...

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