Psalms 71:15

My mouth shall show forth your righteousness and your salvation all the day; for I know not the limits thereof.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
14. "My mouth shall tell out Thy righteousness" (ver. 15): not mine. From thence I will add to all Thy praise: because even that I am righteous, if righteous I am, is Thy righteousness in me, not mine own: for Thou dost justify the ungodly. "All the day long Thy salvation." What is, "Thy salvation "? Let no one assume to himself, that he saveth himself, "Of the Lord is Salvation." Not any one by himself saveth himself, "Vain is man's salvation." "All the day long Thy Salvation:" at all times. Something of adversity cometh, preach the Salvation of the Lord: something of prosperity cometh, preach the Salvation of the Lord. Do not preach in prosperity, and hold thy peace in adversity: otherwise there will not be that which hath been said, "all the day long." For all the day long is day together with its own night. Do we when we say, for example, thirty days have gone by, mention the nights also; do we not under the very term days include the nights also? In Genesis what was said? "The eve...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Learning. As much as to say, I build not upon human learning, but only upon the power and justice of God. (Challoner) (Worthington) I have not leisure to write a canticle at present, as the word known intimates, Psalm xiii. 3., and lxxiii. 9. But I will do it hereafter, and record the praises which I now proclaim. Some would translate, "I know not the number "of thy mercies. (Berthier) This sense is adopted by the Chaldean, Theod. See Psalm xxxix. 6. Yet it seems more probable, that David acknowledges his inability to speak of God as he deserves, though he promises to do his best to show the utmost respect. So Solomon confessed his ignorance, (Proverbs xxx. 2.) and Socrates asserted, that all his knowledge consisted in the conviction of his complete ignorance. If this be true with respect to human science, how much more so is it, when we speak of God, (Haydock) and attempt to dive into the holy Scriptures? (Genebrard) David meditated on the law continually, Psalm i. 2. (Calmet) Yet...

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