Psalms 138:6

Though the LORD be high, yet has he respect unto the lowly: but the proud he knows from afar.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
9. See how he willed that kings should sing on their way, humbly bearing the Lord, not lifting themselves up against the Lord. For if they lift themselves up, what follows? "For the Lord is high, and hath respect unto the lowly" (ver. 6). Do kings then desire that He have respect unto them? Let them be humble. What then? if they lift themselves up to pride, can they escape His eyes? Lest perchance, because thou hast heard, "He hath respect unto the lowly," thou choose to be proud, and say in thy soul, God hath respect unto the lowly, He hath not respect unto me, I will do what I will. O foolish one! wouldest thou say this, if thou knewest what thou oughtest to love? Behold, even if God willeth not to see thee, dost thou not fear this very thing, that He willeth not to see thee? ...The lofty then, it seemeth, He hath not respect unto, for it is the lowly He respecteth. "The lofty"-what? "He considereth from afar." What then gaineth the proud? To be seen from afar, not to escape being se...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
The high The proud and haughty, who exalt themselves , God knoweth afar off; that is, he despiseth them, and setteth them at a distance from him; whilst he stoopeth down to favour and embrace the low and humble. (Challoner) He treats the proud as strangers to him. (Worthington) If kings would sing in the ways of the Lord, they also must love, and be humble. (St. Augustine) God knows all things before they happen, (St. Chrysostom) and both high and low are equally open to his eye, Psalm cxii. 5., and cxxxviii. 2., and 8. (Calmet) ...

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