Numbers 16:32

And the earth opened its mouth, and swallowed them up, and their households, and all the men that belonged unto Korah, and all their goods.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
Then there were the miracles of the seditious among the people of God. They separated themselves from the divinely ordered community. They were swallowed alive by the earth, as a visible token of an invisible punishment.

Basil the Great

AD 379
In the Old Testament, as, for instance, in the case of Korah and the men who dared to enter the priesthood without being called to it and by the severity of the wrath which came upon them to their utter destruction, we see how grave a thing it is to do that which is unsuitable as regards the person. Concerning Baptism, Question ...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Tents. Hebrew adds, "all those who belonged to (or sided with) Core, and all their riches. "Moses informs us, (chap. xxvi. 10,) how some of Core's children were miraculously preserved. Their descendants were appointed by David to sing and to guard the doors of the temple, 1 Paralipomenon ix. 19. (Calmet) Samuel was of the same family, 1 Paralipomenon vi. 33. (Tirinus) ...

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