Matthew 26:22

And they were exceedingly sorrowful, and began every one of them to say unto him, Lord, is it I?
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
And they being very much troubled. There were three motives for this great sorrow in the disciples: 1st, because they saw their innocent and dear Master was so soon to be taken from them, and delivered up to a most cruel and ignominious death; 2d, because each of them was afraid lest, through human frailty, he might fall into so great a crime; for they all were convinced, that what he said must necessarily come to pass: and lastly, that there could be found one among them so wretchedly perverse, as to deliver Jesus into the hands of his enemies. Hence afraid of themselves, and not daring to affix a suspicion on any individual, they began every one to say: Is it I, Lord, on whom so atrocious a crime is to fall? . It is extremely probable that Christ made this prediction three times: 1st, at the commencement of supper; (Matthew xxvi. 21.) 2d, after washing the feet; (John xiii. 18.) 3d, after the institution of the blessed Eucharist. (Luke xxii. 21.) Thus Pope Benedict XIV. Sandinus ...

John Chrysostom

AD 407
Intolerable sorrow thereupon seized that holy company. And John indeed says, they were in doubt, and looked one upon another, and each of them asked in fear concerning himself, although conscious to themselves of no such thing.

Theophylact of Ochrid

AD 1107
From this some believe that the Lord did not eat the Pascha that year. For they say that only while standing was the Paschal lamb to be eaten. Yet Christ sat down; hence it could not have been the Pascha which He ate. But we might say that first He ate the Pascha standing, and then He sat down and gave them His own Mystery and Sacrament. For having first kept the Pascha in type, He then kept it in truth. He foretells the things that Judas would do, in order to correct him by making him ashamed of what he planned to do while they ate together, and by filling him with dread and awe as he realized that he was about to betray God Who knows the hearts of men. The other disciples were agonized, for though the conscience of each was clear, they put more trust in Christ than in themselves since He knew their hearts better than they did. ...

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