Job 33:25

His flesh shall be younger than a child's: he shall return to the days of his youth:
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Consumed. Hebrew, "fresher than a child's "(Haydock) as was the case of Naaman, 4 Kings v. 14.

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
7. For when that first man fell from God, we were driven from the joys of Paradise, and were involved in the miseries of this mortal life; [Gen. 3, 23. 24.] and we feel, by the pain of our punishment, what a grievous fault we committed by the persuasion of the serpent. For having fallen into this state, we have found nothing, out of God, except affliction. And because we have followed the flesh, through the sight of the eyes, we are tortured by that very flesh which we preferred to the commands of God. For in it we daily suffer sorrow, in it torture, in it death; that the Lord by a marvellous economy might convert that, by which we committed sin, into a means of punishment; and that the severity of punishment might spring from the same source as that which had given rise to sin; so that man might be disciplined to life by the bitter suffering of that very flesh, by the pride of delighting which he had drawn near to death. 8. Since then the human race was oppressed by the innumerable s...

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