Job 17:9

The righteous also shall hold to his way, and he that has clean hands shall be stronger and stronger.
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Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
43. On considering the hypocrite, ‘the righteous holds on his way,’ in that whilst he sees that it is by a wicked will that he obtains the things that are of the world, he is himself tied and bound the stronger to the love of heavenly things, knowing that to good desires eternal rewards shall not be wanting, whereas both to bad and double hearts the good things of time are not denied; from which circumstance it comes that ‘to clean hands he adds strength,’ in that seeing bad men win temporal glory, he brings his good works to perfection, and looks down upon temporal things from the loftier height in proportion as he sees them to abound even to the wicked. For he sees how much those things deserve to be despised, which Almighty God vouchsafes even to bad men: for if they were primarily great, the Creator would never vouchsafe them to His adversaries; and hence he considers that it is to himself an unworthy thing, that he should go after that good, which he sees to abound even to the w...

John Chrysostom

AD 407
I cannot say, in fact, that I receive mercy, which is the only privilege common to those who suffer. On the contrary, I am a laughingstock for the senseless; the righteous are frightened because of me. How can the faithful continue on his way?… “Let the faithful remain on his own way,” Job says, “and let him who is pure of heart take courage.” But how will a pure person keep his courage after these events happened in this manner against all hopes? Let us disregard what concerns me. How will others stand in the way of righteousness? Therefore I call you to a new judgment. - "Commentary on Job 17.8a–9b" ...

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