Job 17:2

Are there not mockers with me? and does not my eye continue in their provocation?
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Ephrem The Syrian

AD 373
“My spirit is broken” in bitterness and pain, because my ulcers torture me, or, on the other hand, because of my friends, who are ready to burst out against their friend. - "Commentary on Job 17.1–2"

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Not sinned. That is, I am not guilty of such sins as they charge me with. (Challoner) Hebrew, "the wicked were not with me "in friendship at any time. Protestants, "Are there not mockers with me? "(Haydock) Job was doubly afflicted, with corporal pain and calumny: yet hopeth in God. (Worthington)

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
34. As if he expressed himself in plain words; ‘I have not been guilty of sin, and I have undergone scourges.’ But on this point, seeing that in many passages of this history he confesses himself to have been guilty of sinning, is the mind moved by the thought with what reason he now denies himself to have committed sin? But with reference to this the reason quickly occurs, in that neither did he sin to such an extent as to deserve strokes of the rod, nor yet was capable of being without sin. For that he was stricken not for the correcting of sin, but the increasing of grace, the Judge Himself bears witness, Who praises while He strikes. And again, that he was not without sin neither does he himself deny, who is commended by the Judge, and therefore commended because he denies it not. But I think that we shall make out these words the better, if we understand them as spoken in the voice of the Head. For our Redeemer, in coming for our Redemption, at once did not sin and did ‘un...

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