Ecclesiastes 9:8

Let your garments be always white; and let your head lack no ointment.
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AD 735
Tropology (that is, a moral manner of speech) has regard to the establishment and correction of manners, pronounced in words that are either plain or figurative; in plain words, as when John admonishes, saying, “My little children, let us love not in word or speech but in deed and in truth,” or in figurative words, as when Solomon said: “Let your garments be always white and let not oil be lacking on your head,” which is to say openly, “At all times let your works be pure and let not charity be lacking from your heart.” ...

Didymus the Blind

AD 398
“You love righteousness and hate wickedness. Therefore God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness beyond your companions.” See, even the companions are anointed. But he himself was anointed before them, since he has not been anointed because of them, but they because of him. After all, they are called “Christ’s companions,” not Christ their companion. ...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
White. As in times of joy, and among people of quality, chap. x. 17., and Proverbs xxxi. 23. Head. Our Saviour reproaches the Pharisees for neglecting this, Luke vii. 45.


AD 420
Walk about adorned in white garments, anoint your head, embrace with joy whatever delights your femininity, pursue this vain, brief life with a vain, brief relish, quickly seize whatever it is that pleases you lest it perish, for you will have nothing more beyond this that you currently enjoy. Neither should you fear the frivolous fantasy that an account will be required in the afterlife for each of your deeds, whether good or evil. For there is no wisdom in death, nor any consciousness after the dissolution of this life. ...

Oresiesis-Heru-sa Ast

AD 380
The Holy Spirit actually teaches us not to put things off from day to day but to do to our soul all the good that is possible. [This we do] to adorn it with every virtue worthy of heaven, so as to clothe it with brilliant vestments according to this agreeable voice: “Let your clothes be brilliant at all times; let your head not lack in oil.” ...

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