Matthew 24:12

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall grow cold.
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Cornelius a Lapide

AD 1637
And because iniquity shall abound; Gr. πληθυνθη̃ναι, i.e, be multiplied; Syr. on account of the multitude of iniquity, that is to say, infidelity, heresy, persecution, tyranny, and every kind of impurity, the love of many shall grow cold; Syr. shall languish; Arab. shall be diminished. It means, that they who aforetime were warm with love to Christ and Christians, when they see so many persecutions and afflictions of Christians, will cease to be warm. Yea, they will grow cold. Their love will be turned into hatred and disgust. Christ foretells all these things that He may strengthen believers against all hardships and trials, and make them firm as an adamantine rock. But he that shall endure, viz, in the faith and love of Christ, unto the end: both of tribulation, and persecution, and of life, and who is of invincible patience, so as to yield to no terrors, or blandishments, or torments, shall be saved. The one only remedy and triumph over all these evils is a generous constancy and perseverance in faith and charity. For he who endures all these things is he who conquers and overcomes, as appears by the Apostles, S. Laurence, S. Vincent, S. Sebastian, and the rest of the martyrs. Therefore this saying should be adopted by a believer, "Yield not to calamities, but advance boldly against them."
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