Genesis 21:6

And Sarah said, God has made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me.
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John Chrysostom

AD 407
Come now, today too, dearly beloved, let us take up the thread of yesterday’s remarks and thus set before you this spiritual meal so that we may once more come to learn, as you heard yesterday, the good God’s ineffable care and considerateness and the patriarch’s remarkable obedience and gratitude. Do you see how the birth of Isaac made Sarah joyful? “She said, ‘The Lord brought laughter to me: whoever hears of it will rejoice with me.’ ” Everyone who hears of it, she is saying, I will convince to be a sharer of my joy. After all, the gift given me by God is wonderful, surpassing human limitations. I mean, who would not be struck, she is saying, to see me feeding and nursing a child in old age after being childless up to this stage of my life? As though surprised and amazed at the event, she added, “Who will let Abraham know that Sarah is nursing a child, that I have borne a son in my old age?” Since what happened was beyond the bounds of nature, she naturally demands, “Who will let him know?” as if to say, Who will imagine it? Who would entertain such an idea? What mind could grasp it? Is there any reasoning that could invent this happening in every detail? Not so remarkable was the incident of the flood of water gushing from the rock in the desert when Moses struck it with his rod as was this instance of a child being born of a womb already deprived of vitality and a ready flow of milk. You see, for the birth to be known to everyone and bring everyone to acceptance of the marvel, for those who heard of it both then and later, she feeds the child and insists on nursing it. She said, “Who will let Abraham know that Sarah is nursing a child, that I have borne a son in my old age,” this strange, surprising favor done me in my old age? What is the meaning of “I have borne a son in my old age”? That even without sterility my time of life was sufficient to make me despair of bearing children. But all these obstacles the Lord caused to disappear and has granted me the birth of the child and the flow of milk.
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