Genesis 8:15

And God spoke unto Noah, saying,
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John Chrysostom

AD 407
Then all creation was cleansed as if of some blemish, removing all defilement caused in it by human wickedness. Its countenance was made resplendent; God then finally commanded the just man to disembark from the ark, freeing him from that awful prison with these words, “Then the Lord God said to Noah, ‘Disembark, you and your sons, your wife and your sons’ wives with you, as well as all flesh, from birds to cattle; take off with you every reptile that crawls upon the earth, and increase and multiply on the earth.’ ” Notice God’s goodness, how in everything he encourages the good man. After ordering him to disembark from the ark along with his sons, his wife, his sons’ wives and all the wild animals, then lest great discouragement should gradually overtake him by this further development and he become anxious at the thought that he would be on his own, dwelling alone in such a vast expanse of earth, with no one else existing, God first said, “Disembark from the ark, and take off everything with you,” and then added, “Increase and multiply, and gain dominion over the earth.” See how once again this good man receives that former blessing that Adam had received before the fall. The same words were as man heard when he was created: God blessed them in the words “increase and multiply, and gain dominion over the earth.” So too this man now hears the words “increase and multiply on the earth.” In other words, just as the former man became the beginning and root of all creatures before the deluge, so too this just man becomes a kind of leaven, beginning and root of everything after the deluge. From this point on, what is comprised in the makeup of human beings takes its beginning, and the whole of creation recovers its proper order, both the soil reawakening to productivity as well as everything else that had been created for the service of human beings.
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