Matthew 9:22

But Jesus turned about, and when he saw her, he said, Daughter, be of good comfort; your faith has made you whole. And the woman was made whole from that hour.
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John Chrysostom

AD 407
On account then of all these things He brings her forward, and says, Daughter, be of good cheer, even as He had said also to the paralyzed person, Son, be of good cheer. Because in truth the woman was exceedingly alarmed; therefore He says, be of good cheer, and He calls her daughter; for her faith had made her a daughter. After that comes also her praise: Your faith has made you whole. But Luke tells us also other things more than these concerning the woman. Thus, when she had approached Him, says he, and had received her health, Christ did not immediately call her, but first He says, Which is he that touched me? Then when Peter and they that were with Him said, Master, the multitude throng You, and press You, and sayest Thou, who touched me? Luke 8:45 (which was a very sure sign both that He was encompassed with real flesh, and that He trampled on all vainglory, for they did not follow Him at all afar off, but thronged Him on every side); He for His part continued to say, Somebody has touched me, for I perceive that virtue is gone out of me; answering after a grosser manner according to the impression of His hearers. But these things He said, that He might also induce her of herself to make confession. For on this account neither did He immediately convict her, in order that having signified that He knows all things clearly, He might induce her of her own accord to publish all, and work upon her to proclaim herself what had been done, and that He might not incur suspicion by saying it. Do you see the woman superior to the ruler of the synagogue? She detained Him not, she took no hold of Him, but touched Him only with the end of her fingers, and though she came later, she first went away healed. And he indeed was bringing the Physician altogether to his house, but for her a mere touch suffered. For though she was bound by her affliction, yet her faith had given her wings. And mark how He comforts her, saying, Your faith has saved you. Now surely, had He drawn her forward for display, He would not have added this; but He says this, partly teaching the ruler of the synagogue to believe, partly proclaiming the woman's praise, and affording her by these words delight and advantage equal to her bodily health. For that He did this as minded to glorify her, and to amend others, and not to show Himself glorious, is manifest from hence; that He indeed would have been equally an object of admiration even without this (for the miracles were pouring around Him faster than the snow-flakes, and He both had done and was to do far greater things than these): but the woman, had this not happened, would have gone away hid, deprived of those great praises. For this cause He brought her forward, and proclaimed her praise, and cast out her fear, (for she came, it is said, trembling ); and He caused her to be of good courage, and together with health of body, He gave her also other provisions for her journey, in that He said, Go in peace. Luke 8:48
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